Your participation in the VIP Club program shall be deemed to constitute your full acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

  1. Each player must only have one Dafabet Poker account.
  2. Only the player named in the Dafabet Poker account can play on that account.
  3. New players in Dafabet Poker will automatically considered as Iron VIP Level (1) by default.
  4. To qualify for the VIP level, a player must earn the required number of Status Points.
  5. VIP level upgrade will happen instantly once a player reaches the required amount of Status Points.
  6. Players who will reach the Diamond level during a calendar year will maintain this level the next calendar year.
  7. Status Points are earned by playing in our poker real money cash tables and tournaments. A player earns 15 Status Points for every €1 or £1 of Rake/Fees. Fun table games, freeroll tournaments, and Gold Coins tournament do not accrue Status Points.
  8. A player earns Gold Coins for every Status points earned. Gold Coins can be converted to cash in the game client under My Profile, Gold Coins tab.
  9. A player can convert their Gold Coins into cash depending on their current VIP level.
  10. Status Points and Gold Coins may not be transferred, bartered, sold or traded in any way except in relation to advertised VIP Rewards.
  11. Regardless of the player’s activity, all unused Gold Coins will expire after 12 months.
  12. Dafabet Poker reserves the right to modify and/or cancel its VIP bonuses and promotions at any time if Dafabet Poker discovers any abusive activity or collusion, or if a player is otherwise in breach of the Dafabet Poker’s general terms of use.
  13. Dafabet Poker reserves the right to terminate or amend the VIP Club, the program membership and any of its benefits at Dafabet Poker's sole and absolute discretion and at any time.
  14. Dafabet Poker's general terms of use also apply to the VIP Club program.
  15. All decisions made by the Dafabet Poker management team regarding the VIP Club are final.
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